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What you will learn

Learn how to use various lighting set up to bring your designs and set up to life!

Explore and Experiment with different values of light to discover works best with the Still Life Stories you have set up.

Approach to the workshop

The first part will be theory where we will go over:

  • Basic Equipment
  • Camera Settings
  • Lens Choice
  • Composition
  • Various Lighting Techniques
  • Backgrounds
  • Decision Making

Followed up with practising the techniques

Perfect for Photographers who wish to be a little more creative!

What will you need?

A Camera and a Tripod (and a shutter release if you have one, not necessary though) 

We will provide everything else 

We make it simple for you!

Workshop Numbers

Minimum and Maximum Number of Attendees

Each workshop has a maximum of 6 attendees.  

We will need a minimum of 4 attendees for the workshop to go ahead.

More than just a workshop


The excitement doesn’t end after the workshop is finished. 

As much as we can be available to answer any questions you have after the workshop. 

You will also be invited to our private Facebook Group.

Cherish Artz Creative Photography Workshops

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will fall in love with photographs and be inspired to stay in the creative zone long after the workshop is over.

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