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Let's create an escape to discover the hidden gems in Clermont.

Why Clermont?

• Home to a boutique Dahlia and romantic flower farm.- Glen Elgin Flower Farm

• The perfect location for capturing vibrant dahlias, Queen Anne's lace, roses, and more of the old-fashioned type of flowers.

• Opportunity to photograph butterflies and other insects. When we were there, there was an abundance of butterflies; it was delightful to experience.

The Adventure!

• Date & Time: Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th March 2024

The Dahlias are predicted to be at their best in mid-March with all their vibrant colors and glorious curls waiting for you to capture them.


• Note: Myself and Trish Jones will travel out on Friday; of course, if you are from outside the area, you are welcome to travel out on Friday too.

Kick-off at a Local Café:

We will meet at 10:00 am for a still-life photography session and brunch/early lunch.

This café is most interesting; not only is the food scrumptious, but it also has an abundance of beautiful and interesting ornaments, tea sets, and other wonderful items throughout the large café.

We have permission to photograph unique café scenes, and I can set up still-life scenes for you.

Café closes at noon – don’t be disappointed - arrive early to enjoy the experience.

Flower Farm Exploration:

After lunch, you can explore the town further or book into your room if it's ready.

We will depart for the flower farm at 1:30 pm (approx. a 40 min drive).

We will go through different activities, from a basic flower portrait to using advanced techniques to create amazing and eye-catching floral images. 

We will then have some free time to explore the flower beds and photograph them in your style. 

At sunset, we will begin the journey back to Clermont and enjoy dinner together at one of the local pubs. I tried the Chinese restaurant there, and it was great!

Afternoon tea will be provided.


Enjoy a leisurely breakfast. 

Floral Flat Lays

At 9:30 am, we will meet at a local hall and explore creating and photographing romantically styled Floral Flat Lays. I will provide all the props and lighting you will need for this, along with some flowers from the Flower Farm.

Morning tea will be provided. 


Time to grab some lunch together. After lunch, it's time for us to head off in our own directions. You may want to explore the area some more or head on home.

Workshop Prerequisites and What You Will Need

It is assumed you have basic photography skills and knowledge of the camera you are using.

Photography Gear

Below is a list of suggested gear to take with you; of course, if you have more, it's up to you if you want to bring it.

• Camera, charged batteries, lens cleaners.

• Suggested lenses: Macro, mid-range (e.g., 24-105mm), and a long lens such as 70-200 or 100-500, which I found just wonderful to use at the flower farm.

• If you have alternative lenses, such as Lensbaby, bring some of them along too.

• Tripod, especially one with a boom arm, will be helpful for the Floral Flat Lays.

• Shutter release.

• Other items you may want to bring along: Camera strap, ND filters.

• Don’t forget to take ample drinking water with you. 

Inclusions & Exclusions


• Instructions on techniques.

• Afternoon tea on Saturday and Morning tea on Sunday.

• Access to a new online series of classes called “Pushing Petals,” where I will share several creative techniques I use in Photoshop and Nik software to transform your images into something extra special.


• Travel, accommodation, and meal and drink costs are not included

Tour Numbers

Minimum and Maximum Number of Attendees

The tour has a maximum of 10 attendees.  

We will need a minimum of 8 attendees for the tour to go ahead.

Images take at Clermont's Glen Elgin Boutique Flower Farm

"Enjoy our slideshow showcasing the potential photography subjects, and please note that these images were captured before the flower farm reached its peak dahlia blooming period."

Glen Elgin Flower Farm

Specialising in growing and providing boutique flowers across the Central Highlands region in Queensland

The Glen Elgin Flower Farm, nestled in the heart of Central Queensland, is a photographer's paradise. Specializing in the cultivation of Dahlias, this boutique farm offers a vibrant canvas of colors and textures ideal for capturing stunning floral photographs. The farm's black basalt soil enriches the flowers, ensuring that each bloom is a masterpiece of nature. Photographers can immerse themselves in the diversity of the Dahlias, ranging from subtle pastels to bold hues, and enjoy the challenge of capturing their intricate patterns and shapes. The serene setting of the farm, combined with the natural beauty of the flowers, provides a tranquil yet stimulating environment for both amateur and professional photographers seeking to enhance their portfolio with exquisite floral imagery.

Find out more about the farm by clicking here.

More than just a tour


The excitement doesn’t end after the workshop is finished. 

As much as we can be available to answer any questions you have after the tour.

You will also be invited to our private Facebook Group.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will fall in love with photographs and be inspired to stay in the creative zone long after the workshop is over.

This course is closed for enrollment.

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